Dublin City Reviews

Dublin is known as the Emerald Isle amongst the Dubliners. With thousands of pubs and bars, the city can easily be discovered while walking on the feet. It is a good starting point for the tour to begin with Dublinia exhibition which is located nearby the prehistoric Christchurch Cathedral. A walk less than 10 minutes can bring you to the glorious Trinity College – the place where Book of Kells was written and produced. The sidewalks of Grafton and the greens of St. Stephens nearby are adequate suitable atmospheres for people watching and shopping.

Furthermore, the main attractions of Dublin are the Dublin Castle and Irish Parliaments which circulates many Dublin’s past history around it. The magnificent colonial post across the river, which lies on the streets of O’Connell, has seen the Irish nationalism revolution occurred in 1916. The movement was led by Daniel O’ Connell (the street where the event occurred and was eventually named after him) and his act forced British to free Ireland out of their nations and as a result, Ireland gained independence from the British Empire. For the people who are interested in Ireland’s legacy of music and literature, the Dublin Literary tour and the Rock and Stroll museum is a must for them. Other than that, there are many museums scattered sporadically inside Dublin. National Museum, Dublin Writers Museum and Joyce Museum are most recommended for the tourists.

To enjoy more Irish liveliness, tourists can check out lots of restaurants and pubs especially in the area of Temple Bar, the main hub of entertainments in Dublin.

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