Glasgow travel guide

Glasgow is the third most recognized city for tourists in United Kingdom and obtained an award of European City of Culture during 1990’s. Glasgow is similar to Scottish towns due to its similar characteristics. Glasgow has a significant industrial heritage since the 6th Century. Other than that, Glasgow became a perfect initiation point for stunning and amazing highlands of Scotland.However, it is recommended for tourists to leisurely walks in Clydeside city to experience the distinctive atmosphere live up Glasgow. There are quite a few of places of interest in Glasgow. The luxury confidentially cumulative collections in Europe can be found in the Burrell Collection. The most visited entertainment area, which is well equipped and restored back, is located at St. Andrew Square. Glasgow Cathedral is a clean example of the architecture of Reformation Gothic ages. George Square became the main base of sculptures and statues of well-known people who have been related with Glasgow. The museum of bagpipes, which mostly represents the culture of Scottish. Celtic Football Centre became the place where tourists can observe its success in its glorious years. The Tenement House is a district of houses that came from the middle class city mainly in the early 19th to early 20th century. While, in luxurious Victorian cathedral and Kelvingrove museum and art gallery fascinated and amazed many visitors. There are many pubs and restaurants to be found anywhere in Glasgow for those who prefers a fine whisky or cuisines for their day.

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