Lyon Travel Guide

Lyon is the second most popular city in France as well as one of the best spot for vacations. However, Lyon is an important city in France and it has valuable and esteemed history.

Historically, Lyon used to be famous of its economy especially on silk. Because of the silk, there are many beautiful Renaissance buildings around the town. In the present time, Lyon became more industrial than before and shows a good example of a usual working city in French. Other than that, Lyon is also a base for lots of European and French companies, a transport hub and the Headquarters of Interpol.

Moreover, the old town of Lyon is compressed under the hill of Fourviere. It is a maze of small passages (traboule) and streets which is starts at the centre of pedestrian zone of Rue St-Jean and ends at the Cathedral St. Jean, a 12th century built cathedral church. Not far away from the cathedral, in front of Pont Bonaparte and avenue Adolphe-Max, tourists can go the furnicular station and the Viux Lyon metro to discover the Roman remains in Lyon. This includes two remarkable excavated theatres. In addition, the Musée Gallo-Romain et Parc Archéologique de Fourvière is situated here. The 16th century built, Hotel Paterin is one of the most stunning buildings in Lyon. The Basilique de Fourviere also offers excellent sceneries Lyon’s surrounding area from the top.

There are many places of interest in Lyon such as Theatre de Guignol, a place of puppet performances; Musee de la Marionnette, Musee Historique de Lyon, and the Musee d’Art Contemporain.

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