Madrid Travel Guide

As the main capital of Spain, Madrid is well known of its impressive buildings, boulevards, amazing museums and monuments. The Madrilenos passion of going out at night to explore the city makes Madrid as a grand place for meals with many types of international and national foods for tourists to choose from.

The Madrid of the Habsburgs is known as the oldest district in Madrid due to the royal families that helped the town to develop in 16th century. The main attractions of this place are Casa de Correos ( the headquarter buildings of the Community of Madrid’s Autonomous Government) and Puerta del Sol.
El Oso y El Madrono (means “The Bear and the Strawberry”) is an official marks of the city. This well known statue is placed straight opposite of Puerta de Sol and Casa de Correos.
Tourists leisurely walk throughout Plaza Mayor which is a royal square that is used to be the places of countless fiestas, inquisition trials, bullfights, crowning ceremonies and public executions during Felipe II eras.

Cuchilerros guides tourists to the Plaza de Puerta Cerrada not far away from Plaza Mayor. On the right side of the area, tourists can see the San Miguel church, a large church that is built in 18th century with styles of Italian Baroque.

There are many buildings in the Plaza de la Villa with various historic interests. For example, the Casa de Cisneros, which was built originally built as a palace in 1537 and it is dedicated for the Cardinal Cisneros. At the present time, the building was fully renovated and renewed for the departments of the town hall.

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