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German Vacation Destinations – Frankfurt

German Vacation Destinations – Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany enjoys the prestige of being known as a major business and economic hub not only for Germany but for Europe as a whole. Frankfurt houses the second largest commercial airport in Europe and is a major hub for train rails. The European Central Bank is located in Frankfurt as well as thousands of companies that specialize in international trade, manufacturing, and commodities exchange.

Perhaps a majority of Frankfurt’s visitors come to the city as a result of business ties. Additionally, there are several economic and business-related fairs and demonstrations that draw hundred of thousands of foreign visitors each year.

Frankfurt also boasts many galleries and museums that showcase the country of Germany’s appreciation for the fine arts. Frankfurt has made great efforts to distinguish itself not only as an economic and development hub of Europe, but also as an attraction for art and literature connoisseurs. The famous author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe lived here. Furthermore, the city has etched a name for itself in the stage arts, boasting many revered dance and acting companies that receive worldwide critical acclaim.

The city has a skyline of skyscrapers that give a more “Americanized” look to it than a more European flair. The business districts contain some of the tallest buildings in Europe, including the Commerzbank tower that climbs to more than 980 feet above the ground.

Much of the construction in Frankfurt is relatively new, replacing devastation left by Allied bombing campaigns that took place in World War II. The result is a modern, bustling financial powerhouse that continues to grow in leaps and bounds and has established itself as a cornerstone of European and worldwide commerce.

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Some of the most visited tourist destinations in Frankfurt include:

• The Museum of Ethnology
• The Museum of Applied Arts
• The Communications Museum
• The Städel Institute of Art
• The German Film Museum
• The Goethe House, birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
• St. Paul’s Church
• Römerberg Square

Frankfurt is an excellent place to enter Germany by commercial airline, since it is such a large hub. Typically, since most traffic in and out tends to be business-related, many travelers have received good deals on airfare if their schedules are flexible. Furthermore, obtaining transportation to other parts of Germany from Frankfurt is quite easy. Rental car services, trains, and other means of transportation are readily available and like air line flights, may be obtained at very reasonable prices.
Always a main attraction and destination, the River Main runs through Frankfurt. More than 10,000 pedestrians cross it each day using the Eiserner Steg, a large bridge built in the 19th century. The city is very attractive for those with active lifestyles and even hosted some of the matches for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Frankfurt is also the home of the fairy tale themed amusement park Taunus-Wunderland, a popular family attraction that has a vast array of rides, attractions, and shows.

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