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German Vacation Destinations – Berlin

German Vacation Destinations - Berlin

Berlin is not only the capital of Germany but is also the largest city in the country. Visitors that travel between the east and west segments of the city will quickly realize that there are stark differences between the two even now, nearly two decades after the Berlin was torn apart. Parts of the city have embraced a distinctly western, “Americanized” façade, rendering them nearly indistinguishable from a typical American city. To see a more accurate portrait of the historically German way of life, one must move away from the center of the city. These outlaying areas of the city more closely depict and resemble the way of life that is distinctly German. It is an interesting experience to see the different areas of the city and note how they differ while at the same time retain features that are uniquely German.

Berlin has been completely rejuvenated in the largest ongoing construction project in Europe. It now boasts a distinctly modern air that rivals Paris and London. The tallest structure in Berlin is the Fernsehturm Television Tower and can be seen from most points in the city. Potsdamer Platz is a busy and popular square that houses shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, and an active nightlife. The beautiful Tiergarten is a park that sits in central Berlin and covers more than 625 acres with its flowers, ponds, trees, and natural wildlife. The Tiergarten even boasts a secluded section that is reserved for sunbathing nudists.

Berlin has many museums and fine art exhibits. There is no shortage of World War II historical sites, landmarks, and monuments including the famous Checkpoint Charlie. Museum Island is considered a “must see” for visitors to Berlin. It houses five world-class museums including the Egyptian Museum, which boasts ancient artifacts that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Fine arts connoisseurs will appreciate the plethora of sculpture and painting galleries that are so abundant in Berlin and house works by Picasso, Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and many other masters.

Other notable tourist destinations include the Brandenburger Gate and Unter den Linden, the Schloss Charlottenburg, and the Spandau Citadel.

The Brandenburger Gate was built in the 18th century under the supervision of Friedrich Willhelm II as a visual representation to citizens of peace. It is now one of Berlin’s most visited landmarks. The Unter den Lingen begins at the Brandeburger Gate and boasts huge linden trees and unique architecture that line the avenue for its full mile stretch. Much of the modern construction and sculptures represent Berlin’s new life and ambition as one of Europe’s premier cities. The Schloss Charlettenburg is a restored palace that is more than 300 years old that is considered an imperative stop on the Berlin visitors’ site-seeing agenda. Finally, the Spandau Citadel is Berlin’s oldest standing structure that is not affiliated with religion. Constructed in the 1500’s, this fortress is complete with a moat and is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the city.

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