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A Detailed Instructions for travel by Rail, Air, boat in Europe

A Detailed Instructions for travel by Rail, Air, boat in Europe

Travel By rail/train and boat.

• While traveling on a boat or a ferry in the Europe you don’t have to consider too many things.
• Boat travel is not only cheap but one of the best experiences in the most beautiful rivers of European cities
• Always keep away from the edges and putting out the hand in the water that is reckless and risky.
• There are attendants on board so please be sure to ask them of any problem you are facing. Also, take a motion sickness tablet before traveling on a boat if you are allergic or uncomfortable to certain things.
• There are boat instructions manuals available at the offices and reception while buying a ticket so never forget to ask for a copy.
• Traveling by train can be quite exiting in Europe. Some of them are extremely fast and cover distances in a snap.
• Traveling by train could be quite soothing, relaxing, economical alternative to an air flight and you can enjoy scenic view of countryside and time you can spend together
• If the trip includes elders and family then always opt for the direct route available because it will reduce stress and chances of missing a train at some other train due to delays.
• Most train offer reduced prices for children under 16 and children under 4 can travel free, so always check with you’re the booking office.
• If the train travel is longer than 6 hours consider the night hours for traveling and always book a sleeper car.
• Ask for a window seat while booking a ticket most of the countries in Europe gives priority to tourists ask for face-to-face seats if traveling with family.
• Reach early for booking if aspire for priority boarding.
• Always prefer wearing loose fitting clothes if planning for a long journey on the train
• Although Europeans are easy-going always remind children to behave if easy going and make sure you tell them to respect fellow passengers especially when they are sleeping.
• Also tell children to stay away from emergency braking systems if located within their reach.
• Also carry along a camera so that you can capture the beautiful and scenic sights while traveling.

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Travel by Air.

• Always read the ticket and baggage instruction manual inside the ticket booklet and strict follow the do’s and don’ts
• One of the most important aspects is get your luggage weighed before boarding a flight, not to pay heavy charges on extra luggage and always pack the essential things.
• In some of the countries like U.K. France, Germany and others flights may be cheaper option to train, on top of that flights are best and the fastest ways to get around different locations.
• At high altitudes, the flight tends to get very cold so it’s advisable to carry along a jacket if you are not sure of being provided with a blanket.
• Some flights can be noisy and pain in the ears so ask for an ear plug or look in one of the pockets near your seat.
• If you are allergic or a patient of motion sickness never forget to take medicines before you board a flight because prevention is better than cure.
• Please mention beforehand if you are a vegetarian so that you don’t have to ask around later for the food you have been provided with.
• Pets can also be carried in the flights but they have to be in special containers and a small fee is payable for their shipping.
• Jet lag is a syndrome when your body wants to sleep as per normal even though its any hour of the day at the place where you heading off, so don’t worry you are absolutely perfect.
• That might solve most of the queries an air traveler has. Wish you a happy and a safe journey

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