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Preparation before traveling Europe

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First of all congratulations for your smart decision to travel one of the best places in the world. Europe would be an ideal place for an explorer or let’s say a voyager in an adventurous mood. Before tipping on the preparation, one needs to ensure certain aspects before going to Europe. Lets see a bit of a background for the land of dreams.

Most of the Europe is full of Ultra modern and high-tech cities and exotic destinations. Further more, Europe is divided into two sections. Countries that’s a part of the European Union and the countries which are not in the E.U. The Europe has been focusing a lot on the tourism and travelers so there’s nothing that would disappoint you.

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Preparations before traveling Europe

1.1 Plan your trip

• There is a lot that awaits you in the Europe so the first and the foremost thing one should do is to think about what exactly your taste is like and what would fancy you more: would it be sleepless and enthusiastic countries like U.K., France, Germany, Netherlands Or rich cultured, full of beautiful countryside, mountains, valleys and nature possessed places like Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Rome, Greece and more?
• Well, even though most of the countries are a mixture of all and amazing in their own ways, if you are going there for the first time then a travel maker or tourism companies could be more prolific. They design your trip and know what people like because they are in the business for long, unless you are an explorer who likes to make his own way. Also, traveling on your own may be a bit cheaper, but there are pros and cons.
• Most people buy the tickets online because sometimes it’s cheaper and you don’t have to wait in queues or telephone. The best time to book a ticket is actually two three months before you want to go that could save you a lot.
• A Schengen visa could probably be another good option, as it includes most of the European countries and you could enter those countries on a single stamp visa, except the U.K. and some other countries, which are not yet on that visa.
• Once you are done with your tickets, the second most important thing is to work out your money. There is a common currency for E.U. known as Euros and it could be used in all countries under E.U. Countries like England has Pounds as the currency but you can still work out with Euro.

• It is highly advisable that you carry along traveler’s cheque which is replaceable by its company or bank, just in case you lose them and are easily exchangeable for cash when needed. But, you should also carry some cash which comes in handy when you just arrive at the airport or hotels. A credit card could also be carried along for it is convenient and usable almost everywhere.

• Hopping continents while moving around could be weary and in first place you are out there to enjoy and not sweat.
• Europe is cold most of the times so don’t forget to carry a jumper or a jacket.
• In few countries rain is uncertain to a rain jacket might come in handy.
• Always stuff your important documents in a small carry bag or a money belt that sticks around your waist. Also, learn how to stash your money.
• Well just pack the right things and avoid stuffing needless things and you are all set to go.
• Last but not the least, always reach the airport early at least two hours before the flight departure time.
• I wish you all a happy and a safe journey.

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